what are your store hours? we are open 12-6pm, Wednesday through Sunday and sometimes our hours are change for events and holiday hours.

what can i find in store compared to online? you can find a bigger selection from your favorite small businesses that you find online. there are also exclusive featured businesses at our downtown location, along with the experience of spending some time in a place with contagious good energy.

you can also book an appointment to get a beauty service done.

can i return or exchange my items if they’re broken? unfortunately we do have a no return or exchange policy for our items but we do recommend reaching out to the specific vendor you purchased from.

i want to feature my small business in store and/or online, what do i do? you will need to talk to Evangelina, click here to learn more.

who is Evangelina? Evangelina is the owner of Indigo and curator of the annual Female Energy Art and Vendor show. She pulls all the strings behind the shop and would love to help you on your journey into entrepreneurship.